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A man’s story about crystal jewelry (1)

Wonderful!” A jewelry retailer whose name is Jack and he saw the Swarovski products say.

He want to sale something like it. But he has not channel to get those products.

The crystal jewelry was really hot sale in the world. The girls are all crazy.

It was the best gift for girl if you want she be your girlfriend or just for a gift.

To summarise, no girl would resist it. Even man, right?

And one time, the jewelry retailer was upset in how to get product.

Because it really was a large market.


Jack was so upsets. He is feeling that he missing one billion.

He needs to find the goods. How to find the supplier? He found google and B2B site.

No one suit his want.


After a few days, he saw a mail.

Hi sir

This is XXX from XXX, would like to pick XXX to you.

Please check attachment….”

Jack was so excited when he checks the attachment.

It’s like he saw the money. After comment with supplier.

He ordered a large order when he got a good price. He doesn’t want to wait twice time for order.

Everyone all think he is crazing.

After 45 days…

Jack received the products and began his business.

And his business was unexpectedly good.

He soon bought the villa and sport car.

Many people imitate him in doing business.

But they all can’t find the supplier.

Jack enlarges the size of his business.

Many people take part in his business.

He started his bigger business than before three months later.

But the problem was happen.

The customer complained the jewelry drop the crystal and fade.

More and more people choose return goods.


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