A man’s story about crystal jewelry(2)

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A man’s story about crystal jewelry(2)

Oh sh*t! Jack said.

Even if the product is not bad customers also choose to return.

Soon, his villa was gone. Also his car.

Even his wife leaves him too.

Jacks lift was broken.

And he need to continue his life.

He cant saw the hope.

He even wanted to finish his life.

Then he drinks day by day.

One day, he was drinks as before.

And he saw other crystal jewelry retail.

The business is really hot.

The girl still crazing.

He seemed to see his own shadow.

After three months, he thinks it would been bankruptcy.

But not, it stills hot. And more hot than before.

The crowed store was going to explode.

Why? Jack though.Why it didnt bankruptcy?

He found the CEO whose store boss. Name call Sam.

And Jack got his phone.

Then Jack call his number.

Hello, is this Sam?


Hi Sam,this is Jack, the Jacks jewelry CEO,but I bankruptcy now, can you tell me Where do you find the crystal jewelry supplier? 

Im sorry to hear that.But I can tell my supplier.

Jack put all his attention on his ears. And swallow the saliva.

It really help me earn large money. A voice continue came from the telephone.

And supplier is a manufacturer, its a Chinese manufacturer.

And its name is Sphere-jewelry.

Do not drop the crystal,do not fade and do not allergy.

And its website is www.sphere-jewelry.com, you can saw part of its products and contact them.

Good luck, my friend. 

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