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About Hematite jewelry

Since the twenty-first Century, with the improvement of the quality of national life and the change of life rhythm, many people have different degrees of subhealth. Therefore, the demand for health care products is increasing in recent years, and Hematite and magnetic health ornaments are the new favorites, which are widely favored by consumers and hot.

Hematite, dark gray to black, metallic luster and opaque, mainly from the tropical jungle of southwestern Pakistan, affected by the local tropical climate and special geographical location. The stone contains rich rare minerals, natural magnetism, and has a significant effect on human digestive system, nervous system and blood circulation system. It is said that wearing a long time can remove the disease and keep fit, prolong life and bring the necklace and bracelet together. The effect will be better, so Hematite has the reputation of “healthy treasure”.

It is also known as “black king” because its color is black and bright, and is very beautiful. At present, the Hematite is very rare, and the natural quality Hematite is extremely precious.

And the jewelry have also use the Hematite now. It changes with the change of the trend. So the black gallstone jewelry was appear. People need it to improve themself health.

But at present, the quality of the products in the market is uneven, and there is a mixed phenomenon. How can we distinguish the quality of Hematite?

  1. look at the brightness.

Good Hematite products are black and shiny on the surface, and the secondary products are dark and dull, dark black.

  1. look at the density.

Hematite, also known as iron stone, has a heavier density than ordinary gemstones and semi precious stones. The greater the density, the more pure the quality.

  1. look at the surface integrity.

The quality of the Hematite, the surface of its surface is usually through the strict selection of gatekeepers, there will not be a block, the lack of angle, cracking, cracks, pores, sand holes and other bad phenomena.

  1. see if the color is fading.

The Hematite itself is not oxidized and does not fade, but if the selected material has the hidden quality of quality, it will also affect the quality of its overall quality to a certain extent. For example, surface treatment process, wire rod, magnetic buckle or lobster clasp, color bead material grade and so on.

In short, it is very important to identify the pros and cons of Hematite, because good magnetic health ornaments, not only will increase your temperament, but also in the invisible let natural magnetism to help you maintain health, can eliminate soreness, activate cells, promote metabolism, through the meridian veins, gain blood circulation, but if wearing inferior products, the effect is not too obvious, Not reach the desired goal.

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