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About Damascus steel ring

Damascus steel, the origin of the ancient India. Modern widely refers to the surface with the naturally decorative pattern of steel. It is called wootz steel in ancient times. The Damascus are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water.

Damascus steel was a type of steel always used for manufacturing sword made with wootz steel. The “wootz steel ingot” produced in ancient India is the top steel used for making swords. Every year, Arabia businessmen import large quantities of steel ingots into India for weapons manufacturing. This steel will have a special pattern on the surface when it is cast into a sword. See the picture at below.

Because the pattern can make the blade form sawtooth on the micro level (the naked eye can not distinguish), making the sword sharper. It belong to one of the three big blades. A famous story is that Micheal Faraday once studied it.

Now the application of Damascus steel is becoming more and more wide. It used in jewelry now. Especially in ring area. Many people favorite its special pattern. And It with a special feel when you touch it.

Damascus steel rings also have good or bad points. The metal you use it more expensive, its quality is more high and its special pattern more beautiful. The opposite is cheap.

See the picture it was a general Damascus steel metal with popular color – red.

How does it look like? Can you image what the high level Damascus steel be? It  need custom-made.

It’s a surprise ring. Also can be a wedding ring. It symbolizes wild love. It with a wild appearance and the gentle inner.


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