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Founded in 2006 and located in Shenzhen, China.Shenzhen Sphere Jewelry Co., Ltd is specialized in the processing, design and export  jewelries, which are made of stainless steel , titanium and other metals,over 10-year manufacturing experience brings you jewelries that excel in quality.

We value long-term business relationships.Customers  products can have guarantee of confidentiality. Our commitment to quality products and services has result in steady growth in its sales value.

The company offers the One-stop jewelry processing services. We are not only experts at digital mechanical process (laser jointing, cnc carving and lathe etc) but also at wax-losing castings, Thanks to our computerized 3D imaging and mold making, it improves both efficiency and quality in casting process. We are not only upgrading our technical design standards but also developing jewelry crafts,Such as CZ set , crystal & clay etc. Be assured that you can rely on us for your manufacturing needs.

Research and development are most vital to our company and its future. We carry over 3,000 items in our collections, with the novelties you will ever find. Thank to laser cutting  and CNC carving machine, we can provide the widest design selection. We aim at exploring cost-effective manufacturing methods. We sell product well oversea with good price. In a word, Your OEM and ODM orders are most welcomed.

We have two Processing Base located in Guangdong Province, mainly one is in Shenzhen, it provide digital mechanical processing service, the other is in Dongguan, it provide wax-losing castings processing service; they are about 2000 square meters of manufacturing and office area with 108 workers totally.We got big department stores audit approved at 2017. We believe that you can find what you need here. Contact us today for product and service detail.



There are totally 14 computerized machines in our factory. At this time, 8 of them are CNC digitally controlled carving machine,6 of them are CNC digitally controlled lathe.we have 6 laser jointing machines.We have one team for CZ CNC set.

We are currently upgrading software for our computerized machinery and we are always on the market for new and improved technology,both in our machinery and our manufacturing process.

About  the  audit  factory,we  gained D&B  checked at  2013, we got the big chain stores audit approval at 2017.


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