Retailers are fighting with Amazon. Retailer Giants began to merge.

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Retailers are fighting with Amazon. Retailer Giants began to merge.

In 23/03/2018, TGT and KR had a meeting that discussion of the merge.


Maybe they are afraid Amazon who snatches their business.

Everyone buy something always shopping online now.

The best choice is undoubtedly Amazon.

It was really convenient and bargain.


And the retails giants get large benefits from they merge.

TGT stocks rose 3%, and KR rose 8%.

And their service had a large improvement.

Day shopping day delivery.


As delivery as quickly, they also launch the online payment system (Chase Pay).

Not only IOS but also Android.


With the awakening of two retail giants.

It will be more and more lively.

At this time, some opportunity has birth.

Such as home sale or party sale.


For example, some housewives cooking cookies or others sale on Amazon or others platform.

They use quickly delivery to help their business to get some praise.

And the party sale.

It maybe was a long culture.

This culture began in the last century.

And it is hot now.


It no needs the store, no worker, only yourself.

Only you bring the product sale in the party.

Maybe smoke, maybe some little product.

But someone needs to get a large profit.

Housewives too.

They won’t make cookies all their lives.


So they need some business to get a large profit.

The jewelry is a way.

As times as change, people all like fashion jewelry.

Punk culture jewelry, Hip Hop culture jewelry, and folk culture jewelry etc.

You can sell it quickly.

Because they are so attractive.

Girls all can’t refuse them. Even star.


As a fashion jewelry manufacturer, we have so many items you can choose.

Or we also do some items find by yourself or design by yourself.

Personal business, do now.

The first step, contact us.



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