June 2018

How to design colored metal jewelry

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How to design colored metal jewelry - a new rainbow of the possibilities for mental as well as germs.   Metal is no longer confined to traditional yellow and white metallic tones.New materials like, PVD coating colored stainless steel, anodized titanium, anodized aluminum, Create rich possibilities for two tone color combinations, in both complementary and contrasting shades Except tone-to-tone,shinny crystals like diamond against vividly colored mental,Bold color is used in graphic modern ways.Lines are simple and streamlined with A digital futuristic feel.     It is easy way to seize the trendy to make your product sell well. The internet make  world smaller. some new look  created among popular jewelry brands at next season ,you will find no matter they are from the United States or Europe. Style may different, but there is one feature [...]

May 2018

About Hematite jewelry

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Since the twenty-first Century, with the improvement of the quality of national life and the change of life rhythm, many people have different degrees of subhealth. Therefore, the demand for health care products is increasing in recent years, and Hematite and magnetic health ornaments are the new favorites, which are widely favored by consumers and [...]

About Damascus steel ring

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Damascus steel, the origin of the ancient India. Modern widely refers to the surface with the naturally decorative pattern of steel. It is called wootz steel in ancient times. The Damascus are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Damascus steel was a type of steel always used for manufacturing [...]

Do you know which ring can good for health?

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Listen! The ring good for health. Amazing! Right? I have not ever sound that the ring can good for people body, But now!!! See the picture at below. Unbelievable hand feeling. You would feel like a breath impacting your head when you touch it. Make your head very comfortable. It’s material is making by velvet [...]

About new popular bracelet jewelry

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The replacement of fashion jewelry is very fast, especially for girls' accessories.Sometime only need few day to change the trend about girl’s fashion jewelry. Recently,there have a new product had birth.As a boys, I also played quietly for a few minutes.Do you wonder this new product? Have we go. I would show you a picture [...]

how to make red color on mental

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Colored mental jewelry is on the trendy. especially red color. "if you could do red color, we place order now" it is very exciting sentence,it hasn't been heard for a long time.Retailers , wholesalers and brands are looking for manufacturers who can produce red metals to meet market demand. Plating used in jewelry, common in [...]

April 2018

Wholesale crystal jewelry, the crystal jewelry market

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  Why do you didn’t do anything in hot sale crystal jewelry time? No suppliers? Too expensive? Or no money? Let’s talk about crystal jewelry market. First, in Google trends. In one year.   Its demand is stable, right? In this picture, you only can lookout its demand and the market is stable. But another detail is [...]

3D printing technology

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3D printing has many applications, in manufacturing, medicine, architecture, and custom art and design. Some people use 3D printers to create more 3D printers. In the current scenario, 3D printing process has been used in manufacturing, medical, industry and sociocultural sectors which facilitate 3D printing to become successful commercial technology. And today its use in jewelry manufacturing. It let the [...]

A man’s story about crystal jewelry(2)

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“Oh sh*t!” Jack said. Even if the product is not bad customers also choose to return. Soon, his villa was gone. Also his car. Even his wife leaves him too. Jack’s lift was broken. And he need to continue his life. He can’t saw the hope. He even wanted to finish his life. Then he drinks [...]

A man’s story about crystal jewelry (1)

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“Wonderful!” A jewelry retailer whose name is Jack and he saw the Swarovski products say. He want to sale something like it. But he has not channel to get those products. The crystal jewelry was really hot sale in the world. The girls are all crazy. It was the best gift for girl if you want [...]

crystal jewelry keyword for Purchasing

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Hi, This is Daniel from Sphere jewelry who is a Chinese fashion jewelry manufacturer. And we do best crystal jewelry. We have gotten a big chain stores (Europe) audit approval. This is a keyword catalogue about crystal jewelry for you. buy Bling Bling jewelry buy Bling Bling bracelet buy Bling Bling ring buy Bling Bling pendant buy Bling Bling earring buy Bling Bling set [...]

March 2018

The newest metal developed from Chinese manufacturers.

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Many people developing marketing use all their power. Update product, design themselves products and develop the new metal to improve their competitiveness. Do you know the Chameleon? Yes, the newest just like Chameleon. As environmental as change, they are both change body color too. It was magical. But it was a fact. It was leather, [...]

Why choose Chinese fashion jewelry manufacturer?

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Many people thought that choose right Chinese supplier is really important. I think so. But they are feeling not easy and time-consuming. But why do they still choose Chinese jewelry supplier? Ok, let’s go ahead to know about details. 1.About 70% fashion jewelry manufacturer location in China. It’s a crazing number. When people talk about [...]

Retailers are fighting with Amazon. Retailer Giants began to merge.

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In 23/03/2018, TGT and KR had a meeting that discussion of the merge. Why? Maybe they are afraid Amazon who snatches their business. Everyone buy something always shopping online now. The best choice is undoubtedly Amazon. It was really convenient and bargain.   And the retails giants get large benefits from they merge. TGT stocks [...]

August 2017

Man‘s stainless steel and carbon fiber bracelet-Sphere Jewelry .

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Its unusual properties make carbon a highly sought-after material for innovative high-tech developments. Unlike classic carbon jewelry before, the special structure of the carbon compound come out natural unique texture .It becomes the focus of attention on the market again. The natural, matt black becomes the stage combining with stainless steel metals.

stainless steel bracelet——Pdn-B57

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Milanese band bring bling bracelet a feeling of modern luxury Pave crystals & clay make jewelry bling and hit the market at the moment. The material science and equipment develop rapidly. The mesh chain made of stainless steel is beyond its hard character. Combining with pave crystals middle part, it brings you new modern luxury [...]