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how to make red color on mental

Colored mental jewelry is on the trendy.
especially red color.
“if you could do red color, we place order now” it is very exciting sentence,it hasn’t been heard for a long time.Retailers , wholesalers and brands are looking for manufacturers who can produce red metals to meet market demand.
Plating used in jewelry, common in gold, rose gold,black ,coffee and blue. is red missing?
Frankly,red can not be plating. how we do to create red color on metal. and it could fit in environmental protection and quality requirements.
there are two way to make red color and the color could be last half year(after the wear-resisting test). the two-way is Environmental protection with SGS report.
firstly, red spray ;
secondly, metal anodic oxidation;
more detail,
the red color product produced by sphere jewelry have entered into globle market.

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