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New Man leather jewelry

About man jewelry, The coolest I know is leather bracelet. And it has birth some new one. It with bright-colored. See the picture.

Black combine red bracelet. I can image the vampire. Especially the strong muscle man. I also can image the muscle man wear this bracelet and walk in the beach .

OK, let’s see the another one. Picture at below.

Which hero do you image? I can image Leonardo da vinci (Teenage mutant ninja turtles). It really look like bring a killing feeling around someplace,right?

And this time, Chinese manufacturer had improve their quality in product.  The leather can withstand about 3-4kg pull.

OK! Look at this one. Picture at the below.

Crystal combine leather. It was a innovation. It can let the bracelet shinny. And different with others. It will update quickly its catalogue to add its quantity.

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